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Created just for you on: March 21st, 2006

Welcome new visitors and well known friends! Before we get started on all the important stuff, I need to forewarn you that the authors of this newsletter, (that'd be my husband a.k.a. SuperDave and I) really never have a clue what it is that we're doing. So, with that said, if you see any typos, mistakes or other unbelievably poor quality work, you now know why you've found it here. I apologize in advance, and of course please feel free to notify me of any issues, concerns or questions you may have by emailing me at windfox3@yahoo.com

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Wild West News
   The discussions held during the March 2006 club meeting covered many important topics about the upcoming events scheduled for this year. First and foremost on the agenda was the task of sorting out the details for the April 23rd cleanup run at the Grand View OHV sand wash area. The club has collectively decided that along with the generous donations that we have received from various business sponsors in the Mountain Home area, we would also like to contribute a portion of our personal club funds to purchase raffle prizes. The raffle tickets will be free of charge, with one ticket going to each individual who shows up to help out with the cleanup. Also, it is important to note that everyone participating in this particular run must sign waivers designated to us by the Idaho Bureau of Land Management, especially those individuals who are under 18 years of age. We're looking forward to seeing members of the local ATV club out at the cleanup as well as persons from several other off roading groups including High Desert, Treasure Valley Wheelers, and the Idaho State 4x4 Association. Due to the large number of people we are expecting for the event it has been suggested that the club members wear name tags to let participants know who they are and what group they are with. The name tags will be handed out during the registration process and are of course completely optional.

    Some of the other topics discussed at the meeting were the ongoing battle over the fate of Optimist Park, and ideas about whether we'd like to consider getting the club charitable organization status through our community service projects. As for Optimist Park, due to all of the maintenance costs and time that will be necessary to return the area to the proper conditions for great racing, the operators of the mud bogs and motor cross tracks are looking at moving their enterprise to land in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho. Since Glenn's Ferry is openly welcoming to the sport and its enthusiasts, the prospect seems much more profitable than fighting over an area in a town where it's seemingly going to be repelled rather than embraced. Speaking of mud bogs and racing, Chris is currently looking for club members to volunteer their time at the Weiser races this upcoming summer. If you are interested in helping out, please talk to him at our next meeting on April 11th.

 There's also talk of our club website getting revamped sometime in the near to distant future; whichever comes first. Another important side note to our meeting was the update on the health condition of a great friend and just as good a wheeler of High Desert Off Road, Darrell Kendall. Darrell suffered a minor heart attack on Monday, March 13th and delivered himself into the proper caring hands right away. After having surgery to put a stint into the heart he is well on his way to recovery. Wild West Off Roaders sent him a get well card along with many thoughtful wishes for a speedy return to the trails.

Last but certainly not least on the list of things to do are the ongoing club promotion projects. First there is our club barbeque trailer, which everyone is eager to see when it's complete. There's also the club photo album, getting all set up and that will hopefully be prepared for viewing at the April meeting. And then, there was the newsletter, which hopefully you're reading now. The club collectively decided that they preferred to get their news via the internet. This of course makes things a whole lot cheaper, faster and hopefully easier to access. For anyone who wants a hard copy mailed to their home address, please send me an email so that I can stalk you via snail mail rather than online.

    After the long list of breakage that occurred last month at the Two Headed Dragon run the club members decided to take a milder geocache trail out in Little Valley this month on the 19th of March. However, I highlighted milder because Chris Bowman quickly proved to the attending participants just how difficult you can make a tame trail in a matter of only 20 minutes. With a busted front axle and shredded tire, Chris was crowned the first of many who proudly followed in his path and mangled their rigs just as well. Several axles and some drive lines were on the hit list, and a few vehicles nearly drowned trying to find paths hidden in precarious water holes that had sprung up from the recent snowfall and spring rains. There are several great pictures available, and probably some fun video footage too. {Unfortunately I can't paste the pictures in the newsletter for several reasons, one of which being you'd hate me forever if you had to wait for all the images to download. Just FYI. You can however find some of the better ones on Planet4x4.net or email me personally and I'll hunt them down for you.}




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